What Criteria Do Charities Use to Determine Who Receives Assistance in Manatee County?

Learn about eligibility criteria for receiving assistance from charities in Manatee County, Florida. Find out about housing grants, emergency rental assistance, free clothing sales centers, and more.

What Criteria Do Charities Use to Determine Who Receives Assistance in Manatee County?

Eligible beneficiaries in Manatee County, Florida can receive assistance with prescription drugs, ambulance expenses, and the burial of the homeless through a housing assistance grant provided by the Salvation Army. This grant is funded by state or federal funds and is available to families and people who are homeless or facing eviction or foreclosure. To be eligible for this aid, households must have incomes below 50 percent of the median income in the Manatee area. Individuals in need of assistance can apply for the new housing grants at designated local agencies, including community action agencies and the Salvation Army.

Established in 1992, the Manatee Memorial Foundation, Inc. is a 501 (c) () nonprofit organization formed to support the health-related needs of the Manatee County community. The Foundation places special emphasis on the health care needs of our community and on scholarships for medical education. The mission of Manatee Memorial Foundation, Inc. is to offer support to people who have health problems, directly or indirectly, to help other non-profit agencies to reach their full potential, and to help people obtain their educational training.

It recognizes the need to establish and maintain a constant flow of qualified medical personnel in Manatee County and has forged several partnerships with universities in the area. It has funded the Manatee Technology and Simulation Center on the east campus of the State College of Florida in Lakewood Ranch. This center provides classes for nursing students in a hospital-like environment and uses advanced technology to simulate medical scenarios. Each room is equipped with a high-tech mannequin that can physically simulate the human body. Emergency rental assistance is also available for families in Bradenton and Manatee Counties, Florida. Several free clothing sales centers help the less fortunate, low-income, and homeless people in Manatee County, Florida.

Struggling homeowners can find a lot of useful information in Manatee County's foreclosure assistance program. The Manatee County Humanitarian Society is committed to leading Manatee County in promoting compassion and respect for animals through care, education, and collaboration. When it comes to determining who receives assistance from their programs and services, charities must consider managing total liabilities relative to their total assets. Assistance is based on a variable rate scale for Manatee County residents with incomes below 200% of the federal poverty level.

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